Counting Our Blessings

The past six weeks have been the hardest season of life I have ever experienced. There have been so many moments in which I have felt like someone kicked me in the stomach, the emotional and physical strain was just so great.
But in spite of all that, these weeks have been some of the most precious in my life as well. I have seen and felt the presence of God in so many ways, and I just wanted to share a few of the blessings he has given me since our baby was placed in NICU.

  • The Sunday before William was born, we joined a new church. Our pastor came personally to sit with us and encourage us for almost an hour on the afternoon of William’s birthday.
  • We also had a visit from my former youth pastor and his wife – a couple who have had tremendous impact on both our lives. Though we are no longer a part of their local ministry, they drove all the way to Spartanburg to be an encouragement to us.
  • My sister and her husband came and brought us pizza in the hospital, and stayed to play a card game with my husband and me, getting me to laugh and feel normal again, even in the midst of all the sadness I was feeling.
  • The week of William’s birth, my husband missed all but one day of work, and, because of the nature of his job, he receives no paid time off. We knew we would be feeling some financial pressure because of that, but on the day I was discharged, a friend met us in town and gave us a check that completely made up for his missed hours.
  • I wanted to get professional pictures made of William while he was still in the NICU, but I didn’t want to spend the money on hiring a professional photographer. Before I could even pray about it, a lady I knew almost solely through Facebook contacted me and said she felt led by God to offer to take pictures of William for me.
  • In order to get those pictures made, I needed someone to watch Adrian on a Tuesday morning. Again, before I could tell anyone or even pray, I was told of a lady who wanted to come and watch Adrian for me, and who had Tuesday free. She even brought us a meal!
  • My parents have sacrificed so much to help us during this time. They take our oldest son, Adrian, every weekend, so that my husband and I can go for a date and spend some time together at the hospital with William. Even the time to take a nap without having to set an alarm is priceless!
  • About a week or so ago, Adrian’s tricycle was stolen. He was devastated. Less than a week later, a giant Amazon box showed up on our front porch, with a Paw Patrol bike inside. My family had schemed together and pooled their money to buy it for him. He loves it, and when he can’t ride it outside, he will sit on it in our living room, pretending it’s a motorcycle.

On top of all these blessings, we have heard from people all over the country who are praying for us. Many of them we have never met, but they heard of our situation through a mutual friend and are supporting us in prayer. There has been no greater blessing than that.

In a trial like this, it is easy to feel isolated. Through the kindness of Jesus, who works through his body, the church, we have felt so loved and encouraged! Every time we have needed to see God work, he has sent someone to help us, through a visit, a call, a note, or even a comment on Facebook. God never deserts his children, and he will not abandon us, either!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation…”

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